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SPACE Shifting at HOME + WORK + LIFE

It's so much more than just organizing closets... 

I'd be lying if I said I didn't just love a gorgeously organized pantry or workspace. But what I do love most about decluttering and organizing? 

The FREEDOM it provides.  

Freedom from ...

  • cluttered environments that drag down your confidence (and like it or not, the perceived value of your home and even at work or with your business
  • sleepless nights spent worrying about what's falling through the cracks or how you'll get through the next day
  • searching for what you need
  • that overwhelmed, scattered state that's become your not-so-new norm
  • being completely depleted as you try to fall asleep, only to wake up the next morning and do that frazzled routine over again
  • feeling flat, bored, stuck or even hopeless thinking, "Is this it? Are my best years behind me?" 

Now imagine, what would it feel like to... 

  • clear clutter in your spaces - and your to do list
  • find what you need, when you need it
  • feel on top of the day (vs. crushed by it) 
  • open your closet and actually liking (and knowing where to find) your options
  • have a home that feels like your oasis - one that restores + energizes (vs stresses + depletes) 
  • make decisions (including responding, 'No, thank you!') with ease + confidence 
  • be your creative self without that 'overwhelmed with everything else' feeling holding you down

I've experienced both scenarios and the second one is not only a thousand times more enjoyable, it's attainable...

my (home + work + life) organizing journey

Since I was little I've always loved a good makeover - from rearranging my room (at least monthly!) to 'fixing' my grandmother's desk (which taught me to only do a makeover when someone is actually wanting one!). 

Fast forward to 2008 when I started my original business. I had to get organized for real - not just for looks. With the help of my business coach along with lots of learning on my own, it began sticking - something I hadn't had luck with prior to. 

I was amazed at how things not only looked better, but everything flowed better. The time - and sanity - it saved me was literally life changing. I was so in love with the feeling it gave me that I shifted my business to helping others clear clutter and create smart systems that made things not only look better, but work better. 

Fast forward through some tough times: I found myself single again after 17 years of marriage, which meant I instantly became a single mom working to actually support myself versus doing it more as a hobby, all while managing my home - and life - on my own.

I began applying some of my personal organizing principles to the way I was working and living. These principles - which I now refer to as SPACE Shifting - were an essential part of what helped me survive - and eventually even thrive. 

One of the gifts that came from those really tough times was the compassion and empathy I now have for others who are feeling really overwhelmed. While our struggles are of course unique, I believe SPACE Shifting can not only help shift the way a space looks and functions but also the way life flows and feels. 

I still adore beautifully organized spaces, but my true love is what results from clearing the clutter and creating space for what you truly want, need and deserve. It's like it magically unblocks (unlocks!) the real you - the one you're meant to be.  

When home + work + life are in sync, it's the foundation that can make magic happen. 

Here's how we can make it happen together

Introducing SPACE Shifting at HOME


When you enroll, you'll recieve a Welcome Packet which includes:  

  • Assessment: I'd love to get to know you and help set you up for quick and long-lasting success. This assessment is designed to give me a snapshot where you are now and where you want to be at the end of the program - and beyond. 
  • Organizer’s Toolbox: What you’ll need (basic + pro options)
  • Success Secrets: How to set yourself up for optimal results 


  • Introducing SPACE Shifting: my 5-step system for clearing clutter + creating amazing spaces: EACH step has a secret ingredient that’s vital to best - and lasting! - results 
  • Selecting your plan of action (I’ll give you a few options - you can choose what works best for you)
  • Creating your staging space 
  • Clutter clearing jump start

MODULES 2 - 7  

Using SPACE Shifting (which includes my Blank Canvas Strategy) we'll clear the clutter + create smart homes + style each newly organized space: 

  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms
  • Bath + Laundry
  • Family Spaces 
  • Closets + Storage 
  • Miscellaneous: all the other stuff  

Workspace will be transformed in my SPACE Shift how you WORK program (see BONUS #1)  

Master Closet will be transformed in my SPACE Shift your LIFE program (see BONUS #2)

Your spaces will look and feel lighter and you'll know exactly where to find what you need, when you need it!


  • Put the finishing touches on our newly streamlined and organized spaces
  • Establish (simple!) routines + personalized clutter filter that'll KEEP everything looking great 


YLO Assessment As soon as you register, you’ll receive your Welcome Packet which will include your YLO Assessment: It's a confidential way I can see where you are now and where you'd like to be by the end of the program and beyond. 

Private Sessions During the course we will have three private phone or video sessions where I'll help you create and refine your strategy and solutions for optimal results.

Exclusive Facebook Group I’ll also be there cheering you on and answering questions in our private Facebook group. From weekly Q+A's to more behind-the-scenes from me, it's a place to share any clutter struggles you’re having so we can figure out ways to jump over those obstacles. And it's the perfect place to share your wins - I love seeing your before and afters! (This is available as an option. I know some of us prefer to keep it 1-1 and that's totally fine!)

Resource Guide You'll get my go-to guide with all of my favorite organizing / clutter clearing resources. A big time and money saver!

Kid Friendly Components If you have kids, you'll love the Kid-Friendly sections that are included with each module. You'll get simple, age appropriate ways to share these invaluable skills with your children.

Behind the Scenes I'm not just telling you to SPACE Shift, I'l be showing you. I'll share what I did last time I SPACE Shifted and what I'm doing this time around. 

Lifetime Access You can download modules, access whenever, and go at your own pace if desired. This is a huge benefit since you can use SPACE Shifting in so many ways, depending on where you are at this moment.

And, for a limited time: BONUSES!

Remember that HOME + WORK + LIFE synergy I was talking about? Now is the ideal time to enroll because I'm offering the following soon to be released programs as BONUSES!

Bonus #1: SPACE Shifting how you WORK

Whether it's managing your home, your business or both, I'll help you work smarter, not harder. 

  • Clear clutter from your calendar, to-do list, inbox, desk + more 
  • Create a seamless system for managing the rest - including paper, ideas, notes, emails, projects, to do's
  • Set up a great looking - and great functioning - workspace - whether it's in your kitchen, something portable or an actual office 
  • Free up time on your calendar (from a couple of hours to an entire day a week) for doing what's most important to you.

Bonus #2: SPACE Shifting your LIFE

Get clear on what you (really) want + create a smart plan of action to take you there

We'll get (seemingly ;) shallow + also go deep:  

  • Alignment: where the magic happens (the science behind it + specific strategies that work wonders)  
  • Developing your personal brand  
  • Master closet makeover
  • Bringing it all together 

What makes these programs different?

1. the real magic is in the HOME + WORK + LIFE synergy

When you think about clutter, what’s piled on the counter and stuffed in drawers is probably the first things that comes to mind. But clutter is also found in the way we work and how we live. 

HOME . your environment . Your surroundings affects your mood, stress level, focus, confidence, and like it or not, perceived value when selling home and even yourself in a work environment. But even if you take care of the physical clutter in your environment, if you don't address work and life clutter, that stress you're experiencing won't go away. 

WORK . how you do what you do . Most of us have way too much clutter on our to do lists - and in our heads. Doing your best work isn't about working harder, it's about clearing that clutter (those distractions, endless to do lists) and working smarter. 

With that open space, it's vital to get really clear on how you want your story to go when you work smarter, you open up space for living life aligned to how you want it to be (i.e., DESIGNING your life)...

LIFE . your day to day which becomes your year to year . Life clutter affects your relationships, health and happiness. Not to mention, it has a big impact on the way you work and your ability to enjoy those organized surroundings. Designing a life you love is about clearing clutter (what's not working) and being intentional with what you let in.

My wholistic approach helps you clear clutter of all kinds and optimize spaces in your environment and life.

2. behind-the-scenes (my reality)

I won't just tell you how to do it, I'll show you. This is my favorite way to learn - to actually see something in action.

You'll be a virtual guest in my home as I share some of my own favorite organizing set ups + what I'm wanting to change up. (Yes, I'll be doing the program too!) 

I'm all about making things as easy as possible - but I also want to dream as big as possible. Clearing clutter and home + work + life organizing helps you live easier and bigger. 

It's not about trying to be perfect. In fact, my business name Your Life Organizer can make it sound that way which makes me want to cringe at times! 

It's about being real. Your best real - which is way more interesting than 'perfect' in my opinion!

3. customizable in the best ways

When I say "customize" I mean it in two different ways: 

Use my SPACE Shifing program in a way that best fits your needs at the moment: 

  • Clearing clutter + establishing smart (and stylish!) homes for what's left 
  • Spring cleaning + maintenance reboot (which is how I'll be using my program this time around)
  • Getting your house showcase ready for market + (smart!) move, a big event you're hosting OR simply for YOU to enjoy
  • Setting up your new place (or making it feel like new again)
  • Transitioning into a new life chapter 

Organizing is not a one solution fits all thing:

One of the biggest lessons I learned when personally training with NY Times best seller Julie Morgenstern is that it's crucial to first understand why something is not working and then create customized solutions based on a client's natural tendancies. I'll share how to discover your natural preferences and then help you personally come up with solutions to fit your specifics needs. 

4. kid-friendly

If you have kids, I'll share ways you can include them in the SPACE Shifting process. Each module will contain easy ways you can share what you're learning with your little (or not so little*) ones. 

* While it's ideal to start when younger (I wish I had with mine!), even teens can pick up a few habits that can make such a difference. Some foundational stuff we'll do - things like recognizing LIFE clutter and then coming up with a plan to clear or at least diminish it are invaluable, regardless of age. 

5. accountability coach + friend

One of the biggest factors that can make or break your success? Accountability. This can be the difference between starting and stopping vs. starting and finishing

Think of me as your accountability coach / cheerleader / friend ... wanting the very best for you, pushing you when needed, while being right there for you every step of the way. 

Benefits you'll experience

Clearing space in your home, calendar, to do list, mind + bringing in more of what you love... It's literally life changing. 

  • Enjoy the look AND feel of streamlined, organized spaces
  • Get rid of two times more using my Blank Canvas Strategy
  • Save time (find exactly what you need, when you need it + clean in almost half the time)
  • Save money (while making more of it if you apply to your business)
  • Reduce stress (better for relationships, your health ... each having tremendous benefits of its own)
  • Live in. the. moment.
  • Increase confidence  
  • Get better results, faster
  • Develop Pro Skills you'll use forever
  • Be a clutter clearing role model for your kids  
  • Maintain the order you’ve created - keeping that clutter to a minimum 
  • Know how to get (your home or life) back on track easier and faster when things do get messy

Imagine the difference any of these benefits could make in just a few months. And then think of the impact it could make three, four, five years down the road...

Is this program right for you?

Who this is for:  

  • Able to take direction and implement if given a blueprint to follow + personal support along the way.  
  • Okay with things getting messy (before getting to those incredible results!)
  • Have the time to do it. Since this program includes virtual components with lifetime access, you are welcome to do the modules on your own timeframe. Just remember that to get results, make it a priority and take consistent action!  
  • Interested in any of the three programs (these program combinations with 1-1 sessions will not be offered at this price again)  

Who this is NOT for: 

  • Not bothered by clutter.  
  • Not able to follow through (... which is ok! Virtual progams are not for everyone!)  
  • Just want someone to come in and handle everything. (Some clients want me to just come in and do it for them. I totally get and appreciate that. (Again, this type of program is not for everyone - however, it's personally my favorite way to learn and take action. Plus, to receive in person all that I'm sharing with these three program would cost at a minimuim $3-5k.)  

Are you ready to get started? 

Create streamlined, organized spaces that look beautiful + function beautifully: an eight week online program with one-on-one sessions + exclusive group support 

SPACE Shifting at HOME $997  

PLUS, for a limited time!  

BONUS #1: SPACE Shifting how you WORK $497 

BONUS #2: SPACE Shifting your LIFE $497 

TOTAL: 1,991 

YOUR PRICE: $997 ALL THREE* (for limited time) 

* Introductory Offer 


Risk Free Guarantee

I am confident that if you put in the effort on your part, you will get results that are worth far more in both time and money. 

But I also want you to feel confident when making a decision to enroll so I'm offering a 14-day money back guarantee so you can make sure this program is a good fit for you. 

If you decide it's not a good fit, let me know via email (by or before the 14th day after Module 1 delivered) what you've done so far and why you feel it's not a good fit, and I wil give you a refund.

What others say

“It’s been a life changer. ... My quality of life feels greatly improved by an organized home. My chaos is not a stressor anymore."

Client, Jacksonville, Florida

"I just wanted to thank you again and say hiring you was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my business. The organizational systems you put in place have finally given me the ability to have an enjoyable working environment. Before I used to dread being in my office, now I just love my space. I can also find virtually anything I’m looking for in a matter of seconds.”

Agnes Lopez, Agnes Lopez Photography

“The quality of life that you’ve brought me... I don’t even have words.”  

Client, St. Augustine, Florida

I had followed Angela’s work with Your Life Organizer for several years. When she sent an email about a pilot for her upcoming program, SPACE Shifting, I was excited to be a participant. I love organizing and yet still have challenge areas in my own space (papers!). I love the way Angela uses video and worksheets to walk you through her process. And she shows you “behind-the-scenes” how she organizes her own spaces to optimize them. Also, Angela does a great job explaining how her system can be applied to your whole life as well as your physical spaces. If you’re ready to clear out the clutter in your life, SPACE Shifting provides a step-by-step framework to do just that!  

Diane, San Francisco, California 

Angela is very knowledgeable and passionate about effective time management. I feel so much better about myself, knowing what I can accomplish.

Cheryl, St. Johns, Florida

“I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your help, guidance, etc. with getting us organized. You are a miracle worker and I am humbled at your ability to get solutions in place. Thank you VERY much!"

Eric Almond, Almond Engineering 

"thank you thank you thank you. thank you for your time, for your expertise and your knowledge. wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you."

Client, Jacksonville, Florida

INTRODUCTORY PRICING through March 11, 2019


Why the SS program when I can get organizing advice for free through things like books, blogs, clutter clearing challenges?

For some, getting inpsiration from Instagram or a book works. However, for many of us, it takes more. I've taken years of training, client work and last but definitely not least personal experience (trial and error!) and developed a step by step blueprint that covers the entire home + work + life spectrum. My SPACE Shifting approach contains specific components that - if overlooked - usually result in sub par results that don't last. 

Plus, for serious transformations to take place, we often need more than just a book. Having accountability and personal access to me can be what takes you to the finish line - and beyond. Plus, when we make a time and financial investment into something we really want, studies show we are far more likely to succeed. And that investment's return can be exponential.

My spaces are already organized and I'm content with where I am in general. I'm just wanting to style my spaces. Is this program a good fit for me? 

In my program I do share favorite resources (which can be a big time and money saver) along with great looking inspiration but the strong focus in the beginning is clearing clutter and setting up smart homes for what's left. If styling is the only thing you're looking for, checking out a few organizing books or scrolling through organizing or design-related Instagram feeds may be all you need. Just make sure to get clear on what you really need before rushing out to buy products. Otherwise, you'll waste money (and time) and your newly organized space won't stay that way. 

I have a trip planned in a few weeks. Will I get behind? 

No worries! That's one of the many things I love about virtual programs. Not only can you do in the comfort of your own home, you can do the module components when it suits you best. 

Have other questions? Feel free to email me personally: