from suddenly single to

Stunningly Single

FREE online workshop

how to not just survive but thrive in dating + life after divorce


Now that the divorce dust has settled, I'll show you how to reclaim your confidence, attract the love you deserve and get your groove back! 

You'll learn:

  • The four must-have pillars to shift from surviving to thriving (a benefit for your kids, too!) 
  • The biggest reason smart women are being brought down in the dating scene + what to do about it
  • Actionable takeaways you can immediately use to uplevel your dating + life

Eight years ago...

Finding myself suddenly single after twenty years was not how I envisioned my life:  

  • overwhelmed being a single mom in charge of everything, and
  • underwhelmed with the vastly different dating scene

As an organizer by profession, I found the system I'd created to help my clients' spaces look beautiful and function fabulously was invaluable in getting my own life back on track.

Now I'd love to help you clear the clutter that's holding you back and rebuild your (better than ever:) life!


Stunningly Single: the details

What: FREE 5-part workshop series

When: Begins Monday, March 9th

Where: My (NEW!) Stunningly Single Private Facebook Group

Why: I'll be sharing with you all the things I wish I'd known when I found myself suddenly single. (Seriously, priceless!) PLUS, get to know others who can relate - in a good vibe + private setting.